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    by  • March 17, 2018 • Closure • 0 Comments

    glad i did it, facebook stalking did more for my getting closure than any letter i could have written. in a relationship since nov 27? thats funny, bet she doesnt know you tried hooking up with me for new year’s. all those wonderful protests(read here LIES) about how you weren’t seeing anyone that you weren’t interested in seeing anyone and there it was… in a relationship since nov 27th.

    I knew you were a liar and a cheat. its funny now how often you accused me of it. that’s amazing how it all works out. the truth always comes out doesnt it?
    im finally free of the constant conflict between what i knew to be true and the lies you told. fucked up thing about ppl lying to u is, the more you care the more you want to believe all the lies they spew in order to spare your heart the pain of accepting the truth.
    free of all the constant mulling it over in the back of my mind, like processor power being devoted to a process in the background… constantly wasting resources on a ‘unsolvable’ equation… every time i came to the conclusion that you were a liar and a cheat, my heart froze up the entire system and forced a restart. My love of computers, they dont lie. you did all the time.

    I’d feel sorry for her but im hoping there’s some damn justice in the world and it turns out she’s a big a liar as you are. that would be justice, that would be karma and in the end i hope everyone just gets what they got coming to them, for good or ill.
    I want to say thank you.. i want to say best wishes…
    but at this point im turning my moral and spiritual compass off and
    going with “FUCK YOU”

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