• Because I have to cry now.

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    So go away.
    Just go away.
    I push push push.
    Every Love away.
    And no no no.
    I cannot say.
    But know know know.
    It’s not to do with you.
    Sadness snaps snaps snaps.
    Turned to anger towards the two.
    So go go go.
    Give me just a few.
    When you come back.
    I’ll be like new new new.

    It cannot go on like this…
    I’ve been here too long.
    It’ll get better. It’ll get better.
    Hold on. Hold on.
    Not tight enough.
    Here we go again.
    Down down down.

    But there is no we.
    Wake up. Wake up. Wake up.
    Don’t you dare continue to do this to them.

    Do not enable his deception. You cannot handle being a part of it without losing your life.

    I am responsible for the harmony.
    It’s been here before and so it will be again.

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