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    Baby, theres been this fire burning inside me for so long. You see, Ive always felt this connection with you….like I could look in your eyes and know what you were thinking. I can read a letter here and know its from you. And its wonderful, it really is, but Im not content. In fact, right now, thats not the connection I want at all….

    Im looking at a picture of you right now. Lets see if you can figure out which one. Its not my favorite picture of you, first of all there are other people in it, secondly it wasn’t edited at all so you have a little red eye I think. But I have always enjoyed it for special purposes, let me tell you why. Your hair and make up are perfect, as always. Youre wearing a low cut little black dress. The necklace you always wear, I can see all of it, and I can follow the lines of the chain down your chest to where it rests in your cleavage. I wonder if youre wearing a bra, baby. Did you ever let your breasts go free around me, let me observe them in their natural glory? Your dress is so short and tight, clinging to your sexy curves. Your thighs extend nearly their full length out of your dress, theyre covered by nothing but the sexy fishnets youre wearing. You finished off the look with a pair of tall black boots that make you look even taller than you already are. I love this picture of you baby, because no matter how often I look at it, you always make me so damn hard.

    But here lies my dilemna….as well as I think I know your mind, I don’t really know your body at all. Sure, Ive fantasized, countless times, but its not the same thing is it? I want to know what it feels like to have your gorgeous legs wrapped around me, to feel your utterly perfect thighs gripping my waist while I penetrate you from on top. I want to know what the back of your throat feels like on the tip of my cock. I want to know the feel of your hair in my hand when I pull it while Im pounding you from behind. I want to know the utmost limits and capabilities of your body….how much I can twist you and stretch you while I bury myself deep inside you. Baby, please don’t make me use my hand anymore. Let me use your mouth, your pussy, and your asshole. You see, I want to taste you, all over, but I want soooo much more than just a taste. I have to have all of you, completely. I want to fill you with my warm cum til it pours out of you in streams. I want you to hold your breasts together while I fuck them hard, then cum all over your face. Youll be a good girl and lick it all up, right? You wouldnt waste any of my precious cum would you? If you are a good girl, maybe Ill let you cum too. Maybe Ill make you cum, over and over and over and over til your pussy throbs and you beg me to stop. But thats the thing baby, I just cant stop. I have to keep fucking you. Ill fuck you to death and then bring you back to life with this magic dick. Seriously, youre probably gonna have to quit your job because Im going to need those extra 8 hours a day to fuck you even more. Maybe it would be easier if I just tied you down to my bed in your little black dress, so I could lick and suck on your inner thighs and fuck your wet pussy whenever I wanted, or pretty much all the time. Honestly, I would eventually die, of a heart attack, or maybe starvation, maybe even just old age, but with my final breath I would stuff my cock so deep inside you because thats where it belongs and I think you know that too, my love.

    – Cookie Monster

    PS Your pussy is all the cookies Ill ever need

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