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    Ya know what?! I tried. I tried to be honest. And where did it get me? Here I am feeling like a failure to him. And a ghost to with you. I will never be sure if we shared the same dreams, the same thoughts, the same feelings… but I know what my inner voice says. That is enough for me. You weren’t willing to sacrifice your selfish existance for a chance at something real. I was willing to sacrifice the life I had built.

    And you know what? I am worth more. I am worth what he gives me. I just have to appreciate it. I must open my eyes to love, not a facade of love or an imagery that you provide with warm feelings… even in my dreams…

    I must ognore you i must avoid you, because you do not love me. You could never love me, could you? I can’t blame you. I am both what you embody as a true love and what you despise in the same sense. You are the same for me.

    Let us wish oirselves good luck!


    A sag with venus in Scorpio to a Scorpio with a sag venus.

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