• I hate you

    by  • March 12, 2018 • Anger • 2 Comments

    Dear body,

    I hate you.

    I’ve been working so hard, been working out so hard. Eating better, making healthier choices.
    And you still won’t lose any fucking weight.

    I’ve changed my habits. I eat significantly smaller portions, I don’t eat as much junk. I don’t even eat bread or rice anymore, and I barely eat chicken.

    And you still won’t lose any fucking weight.

    I hate you. And I hate that I have to eat food. I hate that I get so hungry. I hate that nothing’s working.
    I tried to fast, but it hurt too much.

    But fuck you – you don’t deserve food.

    I used to eat worse than this, and you were fine. And then one day, you started putting on weight, and you just wouldn’t stop. Now I’m making a conscious effort to eat better, and I’ve started working out again – and there’s not a fucking difference.

    I hate you. I hate you.
    I’m going to starve you until you’re not hungry anymore – and you better stop getting so fucking hungry. I’ll make you vomit back up everything if I have to. But you will stop this shit. You will listen to me.

    Fuck you.
    I hate what you’ve become

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    1. You can do it!
      March 15, 2018 at 4:13 am

      I had to answer. I am a researcher on a clinical trial. We are trialing VLED/VLCD – very low calorie diets. We are nearly finished. The people on our trial lost about 15-20 kgs in 4 months. The ones who have kept it off long term or gone on to lose more – continued to watch what they ate and their intake went down significantly. Every person ALWAYS underestimates their calories – without exception – EVEN nutritionists get it wrong by 25%. That’s a lot of calories not to account for. EVERY person ALWAYS over estimates their activity or what that activity burns. Without exception I have found this to be true.

      A VLCD is 800 cal per day or less. During this time you must follow it to the letter. And when you finish you will NEVER EVER EVER be able to go back to eating the same amount that kept you at a higher weight – or you will get back to that weight. Weight loss is not rocket science. It is quantifiable in most cases. But it is HARD because our basic instinct is to eat everything we see. Hunger is NOT an emergency – it does not have to be answered every single time it is felt. Humans are VERY efficient animals – we can live off little and conserve a LOT. Can you imagine if humans actually needed to eat what we eat now to survive 1000 years ago – we would have died off. We don’t need as much as you think and our movement expends far less than you imagine. WE ARE EFFICIENT. The slower and lower the metabolism the more efficient it is for survival. The bigger you are the faster your metabolism – the harder your heart and lungs work.

      I wish you good luck. I’ve been there myself and now working with hundreds of people losing weight – yeah, it’s hard – so is keeping it off – BUT it is doable. I’ve seen people do it. Good luck. Life is better when you are comfortable and healthy. That much I know. xo

    2. You can do it!
      March 15, 2018 at 4:15 am

      Oops, I forgot to add – a VLCD should never be done without supervision. They are nutritionally complete, meal replacements. Don’t attempt alone. They work. I know, we are about to publish our findings.

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