• My Friend

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    My friend is single. In many ways, he is abrasive and awkward. I know many people don’t like him at first meeting. Yet, he’s one of the most honest people I’ve ever met. He will put effort into interpersonal relationships and is consistently generous and thoughtful. Though it has been a long journey, I’ve come to love him. Yet, he does not have a partner. I want him to find someone to be by his side. I’d like him to find someome to make plans with. I imagine someone loving, kind, and adventurous. Someone with her own opinions and who will challenge him where needed whIle appreciating him. Someone who will go on outdoor adventures and try new things. I imagine someone who will be able to surprise him (challenging his assumptions), but engage with him in his hobbies and longstanding preferences. Someone who won’t take advantage of him. Most importantly, I would like him to find someone who will support him and remind him that he is special, kind, smart, caring, and creative. Someone who will take time to see that he has feelings and, like many of us, just wants to share his life with someone who will reciprocate. He’ll be a good partner. Loyal. Stable. Thoughtful. I hope the right person finds him soon. As I sit here and think, I’d trade my finding someone If it meant he would. Of course the world doesn’t work that way, but I can’t think of someone more deserving of finding someone.

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