• It just leads to confusion, frustration & misunderstandings

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    I am so frustrated & confused with some of the letters/responses on this website.

    Let me just say this – to all – IF you are posting letters on this site (or other similar websites for that matter) that are intended for your person AND you actually want them to get your message – then take the direct approach!

    Especially, if you are unsure if they will ever come across it OR even realize that it is meant for them. Remember not everyone knows about this site, and others only go this site occasionally to read, respond, write their own letters. No one wants to waste their time weeding out the letters that may or may not be meant for them. Also, keep in mind that this site is slow at posting letters & responses – which means your letter/response will be delayed.

    If you are able to get in contact with this person – then be direct and reach out to them in more direct and reliable ways (in-person/call/text/email/skype, etc.). Sending letters on this site (and other similar websites for that matter) With The Intent that YOU actually want that person to read/respond just leads to confusion, frustration & misunderstandings! Please stop the unhealthy passive-aggressive communication, and just find the courage to reach out to your person in a more direct way.

    If you have NO other means to communicate with this person – then be direct about it: address it to them, include some kind of crystal clear detail that only the two of you would get or that is unique to your person/situation.

    Oh, and if there is anyone on this site sending me letters AND actually wants me to read/respond – then take the direct approach! I am Done with this unhealthy form of communication. If you want to reach me – here it is – to avoid spam in my email you have to do some extra work – look me up on my college’s email directory (hint: it is the most northern CSU in our state).

    Thanks for letting me vent and express my thoughts.

    – Linda H. (or Linda or L.H.)

    2 Responses to It just leads to confusion, frustration & misunderstandings

    1. LINDA
      March 9, 2018 at 6:17 am

      Nice letter Linda. I do have to point out that some people just come here to vent. It’s an anonymous site. People come here knowing it’s safe from people knowing it’s them. Like me for instance. I just write what I feel or felt for a person knowing it’s best they don’t know. It’s not fear of rejection on my part that brings me here, it’s protecting the person I write about. If this anon site aggravated you then maybe find a site that’s public posts. You are right. It does get frustrating if you come embryos site looking for straight forward communication. I’ve given up on that, but it wasn’t always so. For years I had held on to hopes of reconciliation. In the long run it just made me look a fool. Good news though is this site does in time help a person realize no hope is needed. I do hope my person is living life to the fullest and is happy and being loved. A week ago I had a woman come to my work and for the first time in a long time I felt a spark. She comes to the restaurant I work at and requests me. I’m not rushing anything. I am very picky. This site has helped me accept that my person was just curious about the lifestyle. I Love her enough to let her find what she wants. She has rights to seek her happiness and someone she’s into. I just want her happy. Maybe you should reach oh to your person. She will always have my heart.its time one move .

      Best wishes,

    2. Safety First
      March 12, 2018 at 5:50 am

      Linda, No. You cannot encourage people to give out personal information about who they are and where they live. It is DANGEROUS. The site is called “letters ill never send” . WE LOVE THE ANONYMITY. .This is not a site for direct communication. It is a place to vent, and maybe have someone say, “me too”. We all know how to get ahold of the ones we write for, and we all have our reasons that we won’t.

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