• One Night

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    It was the night of October 21st. That night and those early morning hours changed my life forever. Where would I be if I decided to stay home that night? Lately it seems as if I would be nothing without you.
    For most people that night went down in history as one lit ass party but for us it was something different. It was the beginning of something. If only we knew what one look from across the room would lead to.
    The song Magnolia by Carti B was blasting on repeat when we made eye contact. You came and sat next to me. We started with small talk like where we are from and just hit it off. You put your hand on my leg and things went from there.
    We spent the rest of the night glued to each other laughing, talking, smoking, kissing. After you kissed me goodbye that night I knew it wasn’t going to be the last time I saw you.
    I have always been scared to admit my feelings for you and tell you how deep they are, because I know there are some complications…. So here I am in an anonymous letter confessing my love for you. I love you so much. I love you more than you will ever know.
    You made me realize that I have never been in love before this. I would give everything to make sure that this doesn’t go away.
    During the day I think about you, and on the nights we cant be together I dream of you.
    You asked me what I what I wish for at 11:11 and I said I can’t say because then it might not come true. The truth is I wish for you, us, our future. I want to spend forever and more with you.
    There’s just one question…
    Do you wish for the same too?

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