• Last night at work

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    A group of women come into the bridal salon after dark. They had been in the previous evening with another stylist but were coming back in for another try on and purchase of one gown the bride loved while simultaneously celebrating her bachelorette party. The majority if the girls where drunk on tequila and another few were loudly vocal of how high they were. They were a very affectionate group hugging on each other and me, the bride kissed my cheek and told me she loved me. They talk about how They be all been friends since bible camp as kids, they looked to currently be in their thirties.

    Being later in the evening we were considerable slower so the girls could be a little more raceous without me being too concerned. The mother and daughter I was also serving at that time though were made uncomfortable by the drugs and alcohol conversation and left shortly after the bridal parties arrival.

    One of the girls was sober and tried to take it upon herself to direct haggling with alterations and management on pricing. They girls talk in front of my alterations girl how they’d seen her the previous night (She hasn’t been working, another girl had) and they end up touching on all Russians look the same. This conversation makes me extremely uncomfortable and I emphasize the untruthness in that remark.

    The bride has some Harry Potter socks on and points at them at declares that she is in fact a Keeper. I share how I’d done the little sorting hat bit and was sorted into Hufflepuff.

    She also moons me at one point, those things I find more amusing with where we are in the evening. After the girls leave theres a few minutes of them taking very dramatically posed pictures out front before they continued their night elsewhere and I closed up shop.

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