• My true love

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    Black is the colour of my true loves hair
    Even though he shaves his head
    Brown is the colour of my true loves eyes
    Even though when he sees something he loves his eyes turn as if black and he doesn’t even know it
    Light is the colour of my true loves skin
    My wish to caress it with my hands
    Pink/Dark is the colour of my true loves lips
    My wish to kiss them with mine
    Brown is the earth on which my love walks on
    Of which I love where he stands
    Clear is the air he breathes
    For I love it so
    Kissed by angels are my true loves cheeks
    Those dimples give me joy when he smiles
    Cute are my true loves ears
    My wish to nibble on
    Beautiful the neck his head stands on
    My wish to kiss his adams apple and caress his neck with my lips

    Crimson Red is my heart from which my love for him beats

    Black is my spirit for I know in sorrow he is not mine no matter how many times I wish it or will it to be

    Even though in my foolish dreams I dream of us being as one

    Lord don’t let me be understood for loving him like I do

    And Love him I do

    Even though it kills me every day without him

    Rantings of a woman in love

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