• Am I?

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    Am I the only person who struggles with trying not to physically seek out the one they love

    Its like when I am in a crowd of people I automatically scan the crowd to see if maybe he is there so I can catch a glimpse of him. And try by might I try to control myself but I cant

    My spirit is only satisfied when I can get a look at his face or even of the back or top of his head or his hands or even his back. A glance of any side of him is better than nothing

    Am I the only person who loves so deeply even in the face of hopelessness

    Feeling like I am watching an invisible force take a piece of my dreams and shatters each and every one of them in malice

    A chance of a future or even a semblence of it with him

    No matter how I much I beg or cry out it wont stop

    Am I the only person who feels physical revulsion and violence against any man that is not the one they love

    It happens with me. I cant help it. Everytime a guy tries to get too close with me all I can think of saying is” dont touch me, get your hands off of me, you are not him” and just feel such violence as to want to punch their face in

    His kiss, touch, embrace and love are the only things I need

    My being belongs to him

    Now there goes my window to moving on, wooop deee dooo

    Am I the only person like this?

    Sometimes I wonder if he knew all these things what would he think of me

    Would he feel sorry, pity or embarassed

    Or would he take this mess of a person and make me his

    I just wonder thats all

    Rantings of a woman in love

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