• 2007-2018

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    I always thought you’d come back in my life and stay this time permanently.
    I’d fantasise about how things would be then and how happy we’d be.
    I truely believed you’d come back in my life I honestly did,
    To the point where I looked desperate as fuck putting up these letters on this website for the world to see the fact I love you,
    I love you I honestly do,
    But what you’re doing is not fair,
    You don’t care.
    I want you to enjoy your life but still be reminded of me, when you kiss her, think its the kiss I never gave you because you tried it on when we were both stoned,
    Remember me when you hug her after all them years of hugging me,
    Remember me when you tell her you love her because we both know if you lie to yourself enough it becomes a truth,
    But don’t come back into my life now to rub in my face all your achievements,
    We both knew you were the clever one but have that humbleness and don’t boast,
    I might be taking longer than you but I’ll get there and I’ll rip your pride to shreds,
    This letter sounds like I’m bipolar but I’m hurt, it’s not even an emotional thing, I’m physically hurting to the point where I’m crying uncontrollably and feel like killing myself.
    I can’t hate you because that’s too much of an emotion to feel for you and you don’t deserve my hate,
    I just wish you would grow the fuck up!
    This is my last letter to you on this site, ever.
    You don’t deserve my love now as I don’t yours
    This is my year to look after me and I’m going to make sure I do a kick ass job of it.
    Take care and take my hurt with you in this letter, take my tears, my suicide attempts, take my headache, my heart ache, my weight gain, my fallen confidence, my moodiness, my sadness, take it all with you in this letter and never give that back to me!
    I hope you read this letter one day amd think is that her talking about me.
    Yes it’s me talking about YOU and I hope this stays on your conscious and haunts you because you’ve destroyed me wholly.
    You destroyed your best friend, the one who you got a Henleys belt for, the one who got you smarty buns and candles with the fiver she saved all week and sung happy birthday to you, the one who you tried impressing by smoking but threw up after, the one who saw you behind her bfs back, the one who chose you over her bfs, the one who helped you do A Level art, the one who did your degree Math problems for you, the one who loved you for you. Feel that pain she feels or felt.
    Goodbye my oldest friend I hope you grow up x

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