• Spirit of mine

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    Spirit of mine erupts in suffering

    Inflicted pain upon pain my spirit has known

    I am not surprised by it when bad things happen

    I smile for I know it is time

    For I understand all too well that I live not alone

    Surrounded I am by others whose spirits inflict their will on my life

    Whose wills change the course of my life

    Not everything is under my control

    Hurt it does sometimes

    But then I remember always all that’s hidden in my spirit

    I remember that this is not my fight

    I remember that I am not at war

    I remember that I am free

    I remember that I am not a slave

    I remember that all I want is peace

    What do I do?

    Alone I smile a secret smile

    I rejoice

    I rejoice in both nothing and everything

    Happy and grateful for nothing and everything

    And I am still a child learning

    Yearning to ascend

    For it is a majestic sight to see all

    To see that which we never take notice of

    The spiritual and physical battle that is against the will of God for his children

    Hidden away from our spiritual eyes

    And they ask me, ” How are you?”

    And I reply, “I am fine and you?”

    Because I am

    For as long as I live and breath

    I am fine

    Even in suffering I am fine

    For I know when in need to where I should cast my eyes and my laments

    They wonder what kind of person I am

    What kind of woman am I

    Such a strange welcoming terrifying mess of a being

    And they ask for my name

    They want to know what they call me

    What do they call me?

    They call me L

    But to my beloveds

    I am known as S

    Rantings of a woman in love

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