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    Listen, I’m not much of a writer you have to forgive me
    You on the other hand write really well
    Your almost like a different person in your writing
    I guess thats just me imagining you would write on a mediocre level like I do lol
    You seem to have a good head on your shoulders for being 20
    You probably have your life way more put together than I do
    over the years in my relationships its always me to have missed the mark
    Truthfully I can only say I’ve loved once.
    But he married someone else
    I’m sure the other guys I dated since,
    I might have felt deep affection, even attraction towards but the feelings would flutter and then the little petty problems would emerge
    Things like past relationships
    Another girl, Emotional baggage
    But I’d never hold it against them for ever choosing to leave for somebody else
    When you choose love, you also choose pain, heartbreak..
    It happens.
    I dont expect anything from you.
    As you’ve helped me so much already.
    I beat myself up a lot thinking i am not good enough for you
    That May be you’ll leave too..
    i think this because it’ll make me feel better about us currently
    I dont know I often feel like a loner
    Like maybe loves just something i can think of and possibly feel once in my life and then that would be it. Lol
    I dont find relationships to be difficult
    If you know them well enough and trust them entirely,
    Care and constantly nurture each other
    Learn and help each other
    Grow with each other instead of stifle one another.
    It is easy.
    What matters to me the most is that we’re both open and honest.
    Could it just be me running into the wrong ones? :/

    I wouldnt call what we have love.
    But I often think about you
    Wondering if your doing okay.
    I was really worried when you told me about your health problems
    I’m hoping you get treated for your pain.
    If you have not heres your reminder!
    I know that is something that might have been insignificant but I cant even believe I remember lol
    I’m silly I know
    But you get me,
    You understand me.
    And I understand you are still trying to take things slowly, believe me I have been there. Fresh out my first relationship I went through the same motions.
    It was a long winding process
    One that, I had no one but myself to rely on.
    But I’m here for you.
    I know you’re still trying to figure things out
    With me, yourself.
    I just want you to know,
    Whatever direction this goes is fine with me
    Having any kind of connection with you at all, whether here or any where,

    Makes me happy already 🙂
    I’m at work doing OT which is when I start thinking of you (weird i know) lol

    Okay so signing off,
    With love.
    -your greatest companion

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