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    I remember when I first saw you it was like comparing a quick Mart to a quick trip when you walked in its like Aaaaahhh. You were charming and extremely sexy and something about you made want to know more .
    Everywhere I went you seemed to there.
    Then the first time we had sex was the wow factor for sure and now the tears freekng come Chris I just want to say I am finding it very hard to even begin to forgive you or even think of you as you continue to lie and play your head games. I may not know any details to the accusations but as I recall certain activity S that took place I know in my heart that you are a very disturbed individual and and what you did to my daughter is unforgivable I pray that God has mercy on your soul and I pray that you may someday see the light through the darkness and ask father God to forgive you cause even though you think that you have gotten away with this just know their are no Statutes of limitations on sexual assault on a child . .I will pray for you
    Not even an Always. Your ex

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