• Brother (I love you :)

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    I remember when you were 14 and I was in my first year of school, 6 years old. I’d looked up to you all my life and you were the kindest, sweetest, safest person I knew. Once in class we were asked to write a letter to our favourite person in the whole world. While every other kid was stuck thinking about their parents, I’d already begun writing pages and pages about you. To be honest, I think I’ve always loved you more than both our parents, but I’d never admit that aloud.

    We were inseparable before I turned 10 and moved away with our parents, without you and our home. After that we never really talked except when you visited briefly. I felt like I’d left a part of my heart over at the other side of the country.

    At 12 I moved back to my old town where you had a home living with my grandma, a job, a puppy. Things were awkward between us and nothing felt the same as it did back before I’d moved away. Nothing was easy and our time together was filled with awkward silences. The age gap had really begun to settle in for the first time in our lives.

    I took up figure skating at 13 and our parents forced you to take me there in your car and you decided you’d try it too. I never expected you to love it as much as you did. Gradually, I think we became closer and closer over the time we shared. I know now that all you’d wanted was to get me back like you had me before. Moving away had really changed me.

    Now I’m 14 and you’re 22 and we are the actual definition of sibling goals, I’m not even kidding. We do gross cutesy things like sharing blankets on the sofa with our legs all tangled up and you buy me unnecessary stuff that I don’t even think I deserve. We sing along to Disney songs in the car at the top of our voices and have snowball fights where I can’t even hit you once, even when you stand completely still. You take me anywhere I want and we never, ever argue. I’m awful at showing affection but I want you to know just how much I love you and that you are my favourite person in the world even after 8 years. I’m essentially just writing that same letter that my teacher forced me to write back in my first year of school, lol this is weird. I know this is cheesy but we’re cheesy and there’s nobody I love more than you.

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