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    I was just reminded of ionic bonding and the property of electronegativity – the strength of an element’s pull on other atoms’ electrons (or something like that). People can have a similar property – maybe I’d call it soul magnetism. You – you’d be fluorine. I spend practically all day with you, and yet I

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    Listen, I’m not much of a writer you have to forgive me You on the other hand write really well Your almost like a different person in your writing I guess thats just me imagining you would write on a mediocre level like I do lol You seem to have a good head on your

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    I met you when life was out of control. You play a huge role in my life. When I asked for positive change, you came with all that I asked for an much more. Our relationship is kindling; from professional, to acquaintances to a spark of friendship and family. For me, love starts with friendship

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