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    I’m really done with this site. It doesn’t do me any good. Causes false hopes, confusion, anxiety.

    I wish everyone peace, love and happiness.
    I hope everyone finds what they seek.

    One word of advice: looking backwards towards the ones you love isn’t a bad thing if they want you in their lives. If your person begs you to let them go, then the ultimate proof of your undeniable love is to grant their wish. It hurts like hell for you, but it eases the pain for them. We will never be the same after someone touches the soul. Sometimes we have a forced hand. It’s then we have to begin to learn how to live with our new selves. I won’t let my situation stop me from trying to find an awesome connection like I had with my person who’s let me go. I wish my person all the best. I will always have open arms for them, but I have to learn not to stop living life on false hopes of a reconnect. Until then I shall love her from afar and be on the sidelines as her personal cheerleader. She is the most beautiful woman in the world and with a heart of gold. If I had one wish for my person it would be this.

    My hearts desire is that you learn to not run from love out of fears of getting hurt . It causes hurt when you do. You end up experiencing the hurt you tried to prevent.
    You will always be my girl. Nothing, not even you can undo that. Unconditional is what I said and it’s exactly what I mean.
    I’ve accepted you fear me and don’t trust me. I do understand and your fear is legit. It’s a good thing you try and protect yourself. You are one of the deepest, gorgeous, smart and fragile people I have ever met. You made a decision that was tough to make. One I couldn’t have made. It shows your stronger than I.
    You have the key, but I have to reclaim it. I don’t want to hold you back. I feel your telling me that I am. My door has never shut. Never will. If our paths cross again, I welcome the journey with you. You are a person I would want on my team if faced with battle. Nothing bad I could ever say about you. I just can’t find anything bad about you. On that note I must learn to live life without false hopes of reconciliation.

    Love, E

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    1. not sure if you are my person?
      March 13, 2018 at 6:30 pm

      Can you give the initials of your person? And can you give your initials? Thanks.

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