• I’m tired– I’m letting go

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    I have so many questions for you, and as much as I want you to come back, I know you never will. Every day I wake up, I am reminded that you left; without saying a word, no explanation. Why weren’t you the person you tried so so hard to prove you were, just to turn around and be the exact opposite? I can’t help but think that you had so little respect for me to do something like that, at time when I needed you the most.

    I suppose you did show your real colors, I won’t say I understand because I do not. I don’t understand any of these. Still, after everything that happened, I did learn something from this experience: people leave; they do all the time… Some leave within reason, and some leave without a word of explanation like you did. Sometimes it’s justified, and it doesn’t hurt as much as it does when you’re left in confusion and in whirlwind of emotions. Sometimes those who left come back, and sometimes they do not. If you were ever to come back, I don’t think I would want you to. At this point, I’m still hurt and confused more than anything– but I forgive you. That’s the only way it’s going to hurt less. I forgive you, even though I have a lot of questions, and I have a lot of things I want to say to you– I will keep them buried. Whatever your reason was for leaving, I hope it was justified. From this point on, no more. You will no longer occupy my mind; I will no longer crave that feeling of talking to you and being comforted by you; I will no longer wonder if you were even thinking about me– about us, because answer is clear; I will no longer cry over this. I’m tired. It’s time to let go.

    Even after everything, I hope you find happiness. Even if it wasn’t with me. I will also find happiness for myself. Goodbye, Alkire.

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