• Always after 11pm

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    I wonder if you come here.
    I wonder if you think of me when that song comes on the radio.
    I wonder if you ever use the weird words we used to describe things.
    I wonder if you are doing well in school.
    I wonder if you made more friends, you didn’t have many before, and I hope you found people to spend time with.
    I wonder if you still drive like you used to. It’s funny, I drive like that now too. Something that used to terrify me, is what made me so comfortable driving in the city. Thank you for that.
    I wonder if you have let others see the heart that you let me see. I hope so.
    I wonder if you are making big plans for your future. You are so close to a big stepping stone. I always thought I would be there to see it, but even though I’m not, I’m excited for you.
    I wonder if you know how successful I’ve been in my career since we broke up.
    I’ve traveled all over, and seen so many things these last few years. Sometimes, I see something, and wish I could tell you.
    I wonder if you ever have those moments.
    I wonder if you if you know my son still asks about you.
    I wonder if you know how much impact you had to him.
    I wonder if you ever think about on us.
    I wonder if you smile, or feel sadness.
    I wonder if you ever had the courage to be who you really were. It never made sense to me why L was so mad at you. But, I found out later.
    I wonder if you truly knew that I would have loved you unconditionally, even if you had told me, what you had done with L.
    I wonder if your dog is still alive. I hope so. He was so important to you.
    I wonder if you have fallen in love again. I hope so.
    I wonder about you.
    I always will.
    I think that’s how you really know that you loved someone.
    I know.

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