• Last Chance

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    This is it.

    Last chance.

    After this, I give up.

    You are the man who …

    -knows what it feels like to lose everyone you have ever felt love for, knows what it feels like to be cursed with death
    -has a position of authority, but not really
    -has a passion for music in such an opposite way that I do.
    -Had a half sister you never knew about, like me
    -An addy that is your 2nd home now, was my first home’s addy.
    -Our parent’s names are almost exact.
    -I have an uncle with your name and one with your uncle’s name and you have an uncle that shares my uncle’s name…along with you sharing the other uncle’s name.
    -shares the same exact passions as me
    -inspires me to be better, challenges me to be greater, and honors me to be stronger.
    -knows what I need and want just by looking into my eyes
    -wants to change your old ways, but I am exactly your old habit that you want to change, as are you mine.

    If this means anything to you, please… comment with my nickname for you… or what you said tonight, or something to let me know it is you.

    Please. I feel like I am insane.

    Rectify my sanity. Or I give up.

    I mean, yes. This could be me just seeing coincidences as signs. LOL. But really?! WTF?!

    My dilema is…

    Does this mean it’s meant to be? (Mind says No way!)

    Or does it mean we are TFs? (Heart thumps to the beat of yes)

    If you ever read this, years down the road… just know that I moved on. Find peace in knowing that I only found peace in giving up on your silence. And you refused to be anything but…. so I had no choice. Either I get checked into a mental ward or I walk away, numb myself, and hope I don’t die.

    But never question: I do love you.

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