• Failed Relationships

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    As someone who has been through a lot of broken promises, treated very badly in relationships, and dragged through psychological abuse, I just want to give a word of encouragement for those who are fresh from the depths of that horribleness.
    As I look back decades ago to those times where the darkness of betrayal and when the person{s} that you trusted with everything turns out to be your worst enemy, i struggle to find a way to describe how it feels to go through that. I guess the pain you experience might be best described as an emotional gunshot wound. The amount of suffering and the rehabilitation it takes to move on is comparable in many respects.

    So, when people tell you to “get over it” remember this: Yes you are justified in your pain. Yes, you deserve empathy and respect. Yes, you are a good person and deserving of something good. Take as much time as you need, but if you find that you are not able to move on in what you would consider an appropriate amount of time, please seek help.

    I’ll leave you with this – looking back decades ago: those failed “relationships” aren’t really failures (were they even really relationships?) Those people who are no longer in your life because of betrayal do not deserve to be in it. And the lessons that you have and will learn from those life-crushing experiences will make you a better person, friend, and partner. Please, by all means get past your pain, but never forget it.

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