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    I’m in standard 11, and in my country, we have to choose our streams after 10th. So I chose commerce.
    Now, there are two main subjects, accounts and economics.
    Now economics has these ‘statistical’ part, which is basically maths ( and I’m weak in it.) it’s about 60-65% of the total exam. Now if I make a mistake after like two decimals, in finding the square root (just an example) she will give me 1 mark in a ques of 6 marks.(The calculation consists of various squares & square roots / the same). No calculator is allowed.
    So, how is she unethical? She will give 5 marks to some students even if they solve 1/3 of the question because these “some” students go to her coaching and pay her extra fees.
    The same is with accounts.

    Please suggest what should I do.
    Maybe complaint somehow!?(because if they get to know about it, they’ll make sure I fail.)
    Pardon me for my English, if it was wrong anywhere.

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    1. partial credit
      February 24, 2018 at 9:38 am

      The long answer:

      If you don’t understand how the questions are scored, ask your teacher first. Some partial answers are worth more than others because they demonstrate better comprehension of the item being tested. If she’s doing it correctly and fairly, she should have a key that she uses to determine the amount of credit you receive for completing each step. The points are not usually evenly distributed among the steps. Or, what constitutes a “step” to you is not a step in the key.

      The short answer:

      Economics and the teaching thereof is more complicated than the process you have described here. If you want to be successful, understand the process better.

      The other part of your question:

      You may find that something amiss is going on but it is unlikely that your teacher is intentionally favoring some students over others. Talk to her first. There are appropriate channels for escalating complaints and 95% of the time the best way to begin is to go to the source of the problem first.

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