• 2 Responses to Sometimes, evil comes at around 5′ tall, blond, christian and, most un-expectantly, female.

    1. Jason (4 real)
      February 24, 2018 at 11:52 am

      Point out one NRA member or even a responsible gun owner involved in one of these massacres. You won’t and can’t. Stop finger pointing to assuage your own guilt and involvement in the true core of this horrific problem. Take religion out of school, take patriotism out of school, force gender confusion, fight for illegals harder than you fight for safe effective schools, take down borders because your ashamed to be American, let phones and TV and violent games raise your kids. End your marriage cause it’s easy, abort your fetus because it’s convienent, let the school feed your child cause you can. You have cheapened every precept of this experiment called Democracy and you wonder why Sandy Hook, Columbine, or Parkland happens? The DOE is an unmitigated failure as all Federally controlled State responsible agencies are and yet you keep voting states rights away to the Schumer’s and Pelosi’s and the Waters of this world and blame old white guys in Washington for your plight. Wake the fuck up. What have they accomplished?

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