• Integrity in a mans world.

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    Mr Boss Man,

    I honestly thought a tiny part of you would be proud of me. A “fair fucks” kind of attitude. Our relationship was always very friendly. I thought you would take the opportunity to raise your game and focus your own attack. I worked with you for such a short period of time but it felt significant. I’m not sorry I left. You had your new protege and I have been a female in a man’s world long enough to know where it was going. Sick of being undermined and blamed for mistakes that were not my own, I made the jump. I started my own business, a couple clients of your got wind and they jumped ship. I contacted you, I emailed you not to gloat, to give you my genuine word I did not contact them in the first instance, would never in the future and I wanted it to come from me what I was doing.

    No part of me saw the letters from the lawyers coming. The months of harassment. The stalking to “catch me in the act” the bullying to sign an agreement. The non-compete you doctored into my shitty contract you found on the internet was in your opinion going to ruin me. You wanted me to sign over all my “intellectual property” you were going to claim loss of earnings by me being in “direct competition” with you. The “Sign this agreement or we take you to court tomorrow” weekly threats… I was so tired.

    My family and boyfriend offered me money to fight you, have you sent to prison, at least disprove you. I couldn’t take it.. I didn’t want to do it I wanted you to buck the fuck up. Man up, work on your own company, work on your clients, see where you went wrong and instead of focusing your attention on everyone else focus on you.

    When I emailed you initially, I gave you my word I would never contact your clients. I also told you how I looked back with fond memories of working at your company. It wasn’t your company, it was you. I really liked you. We are so similar, we are so emotional and make rash decisions. I have been to a lot of places in my mind these last few months, but I can see it for what it is now, I made mistakes too and I hurt you/your ego. Regardless you will always be one of the greatest minds I have ever worked with. I truly believe you have what it takes to be one of the greats. You are the total opposite of ordinary. People are so boring, especially in the city and sector we work in, not you. You just really need to curve your emotions, do this and you will be unstoppable. (I also need to learn to do this) Finally, we have come to an agreement that I know I really don’t have to sign and it’s simply “I will not contact your clients until 31 December 2018”- remember that email at the start and I gave you my word I wouldn’t ever contact your clients? I will sign it for your ego, but my word is stronger than any piece of paper, and fuck the date, I never will contact your clients. I don’t need to. I’m great at my job and people like that I have…. Integrity.

    I know you have been through a lot, a lot of stuff you couldn’t control in your life. But you cant control other people, even with fancy expensive lawyers. People are going to hurt you and fuck you over in this life… The most important lesson I learned in this is that nothing is worth more than your time. And shit that ultimately doesn’t matter, or you cant change don’t waste your time on it. You can only control your actions. I have given you so much of my time and headspace. No more.

    I forgive you. I will now cut myself loose from this situation and take with me all the lessons you taught me, the good and bad.

    Still a little bit of love,


    p.s looked up your lawyer, £350 per letter?! that £3850 bill must stinnnng 😉 wanker.

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