• Earlier From Me

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    It’s me again if you’re reading this soon or later. Another one from me after many that I already write to you and to another people which I also have been prepared for.

    Still hidden from you so yeah, take it whenever you want.

    How are you right now? Did you sleep well, eating well, drinking well, learning well and many more which is well? I hope so. It’s been a while since the last time we see each other.
    Are you sick right now? If so then don’t forget to take your medicine because this stupid friend of yours from the past will not remind you again about that for now.

    Did you really take your blanket when you’re sleeping in these days? Don’t forget to take it too so you won’t be cold. Otherwise you will be like an ice!


    Don’t sleep too late.
    Don’t ate too much junk.
    Drink water properly.
    Et cetera just like in the past.

    By the way, happy earlier birthday from me to you. Well, don’t get me wrong. Your birthday is in September yet I congratulate you since February so, is this is the earliest one from me to you? Maybe or even yes.
    Selamat ulang tahun yang ke 20 Flo.
    You’re 20th years old later and right now if you see this in the right time.
    21th years old in Korea if you’re from Korea.

    Take care of yourself. I know you can do that. You’re older than me though.
    You’re strong and I’m proud of you. Stay strong and be more stronger in the future.
    I’m sorry. Again for what? For everything. Along with thank you Flo.

    There are some chances that you will see this letter but I don’t know. I just hope that you will see it because this is a small present from me to you.
    Tragic? Well, I don’t care. If you see it later then you will see it.

    That’s it from me. All from me in this anonymous room.


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