• Strangest Story Ever Told:

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    This is going to sound insane, but the night I first sang, oh so long ago now… You watching me, almost entranced… a goofy grin… adoring eyes.. oh! so anyway, you later told someone that you went home and picked up your guitar… after years of not touching it…to think that I inspired YOU?! Wow!

    Then the first telepathic conversation I ever attempted to have with you… I thought… “I’ll come tonight and I’ll sing this to let u know that I hear u.” It was “A Thousand Years”.

    Later, I showed, but the Party Girls hogged the mic, so I was in the quiet room, playing pool. You came in just to check up, as “A Thousand Years” just happened to me playing…. and OMG! Your eyes! I looked up as I was singing, our eyes met and… OMG! You looked as freaked as I felt!
    Was that real?
    I need to know.
    Because tonight, I was chilling… Then the song that I sang that inspired you came on the radio. I was thinking like, “It’s nice to be an inspiration to someone that inspired me to sing again…”
    2 guesses what the next song was! Yep! “A Thousand Years”!

    Then you entered the room to chill for a microsecond before saying goodnight.

    Is this real?

    Did you notive it too?

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