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    Hell of a way to end a friendship

    by  • February 21, 2018 • Anger • 0 Comments

    God damn you for your cruel behavior! You are acerbic, psychotic, and emotionally violent. You were my friend, and we had a falling out. Once. We mended our fences, then we had another fight. A stupid, senseless fight. You put words into my mouth. You formed your own clique, and shut out those who truly

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    Strangest Story Ever Told:

    by  • February 21, 2018 • * Safe for Work *, To You • 0 Comments

    BEWARE: DELUSIONAL CITY AHEAD! ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!! This is going to sound insane, but the night I first sang, oh so long ago now… You watching me, almost entranced… a goofy grin… adoring eyes.. oh! so anyway, you later told someone that you went home and picked up your guitar… after years of

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