• Sad

    by  • February 19, 2018 • * Safe for Work *, Depression • 0 Comments

    I forgave her
    I did not hold it against her
    I do not torture her with my sadness about what she did
    I do not use it against her
    I forgave her
    I told her its okay
    I told her that we are okay
    She said she regrets it and is sorry every day
    But no sorry’s are said
    no speak of regret
    I try to repress what happened
    She went away
    I trusted her
    A friend told me to worry
    She told me not to
    I was still hurt
    She didn’t even say sorry at first
    She threatened to end it all
    she missed me
    She said it once
    Did not even try to fix things
    I became the one that was saying sorry
    I am still broken
    It eats at me every day
    I am only 16
    But I love her
    as she loves me
    despite this
    there has been no apologies
    when it is brought up
    it is brushed off
    she gets upset with herself
    but does not hear me
    I am sorry this is long
    I am broken
    As always

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