• Pain of my life need your prayers

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    Am a young Woman I was raised in a dysfunctional family my mother died when i was 5 years old and i don’t know my family from my mother side.regardless of growing having that challenge I was so determined I always worked hard and loved school I passed my Matric got to varsity and i was accepted by nsfas I also hard and graduated in varsity without failing .after leaving home because i could not tolarate the disrespect,mistreat and Envy and I was ectually kicked out .I had to embark on a journey in seek of a job had to travel and.better life however the is a wiered thing going on .I have flies the green and black flies following me everywhere i go.I take a taxi right here .I walk on street they rounding my head am in a friends Car the flies a just here .first thing i see in the morning these flies making noise so badly and annoying .they come running in my face eyes. If i go to the kitchen.back.and fourth they moving with me like they are my pets.sometimes they fall in my food or drinks .I don’t know how many flies i kill a day .even my bf started noticing he said”you seem to attract flies” .please help me I know it’s a curse from my family they do not want me to go anywhere in life.please help .please pray for me it’s so painful am just a lil girl trying to live my life .but this please help your prayers wil help or if you know someone who can fight these evil sprits I pray that you here my cry and you help me Amen.

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