• Murmurings of the heart

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    Yesterday on Sunday as I was spending precious time with family celebrating the good news in my cousins life

    As I was sitting outside enjoying the family time and cool day

    I found myself even in the midst of our conversations thinking of you


    My mind murmuring the yearnings of my heart

    How I would love to spend such a day with you with my family

    Your precious beautiful kids playing with the others

    Maybe even me holding our little one while they slept

    You sitting next to me outside looking at the kids playing and getting to know their new extended family members

    Your mom chatting to my mom, their old friendship renewed and strengthened

    Hoping that when that day comes

    Should it come

    That I will know that you and I have a long way to go together

    Knowing that through whatever happens we will have each other

    Our kids(yours and ours) and us together as a family

    The only thing that matters

    How I would go to war against anyone who thought to even break us apart

    I love you Tony

    My head clean shaven, brown eyes, dimpled cheeks prince

    Ke a go rata

    Rantings of a woman in love

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