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    It’s been a while since I wrote on here. I guess I just use this site, to cope with the fact that I can’t talk to you in real life. I wonder if you dream of me. What if I did follow you. What if I didn’t leave you in the guilt of my own reflection that day we saw our souls shine for the first time. I can’t say that my life is easy or that meeting you made my life any easier. I still remember my setbacks, and fear failing again. I have to say that I probably do think of you, from time to time. A lot of those movies, tv shows, and songs I used to like that defined my reminder of you, seemed to fade from my interests after that incident. It hurt for those years, trying to let go of who I knew I was and what I can’t even re-claim. I can tell that at this moment, I don’t feel as lost, but there are times I wish to be also to be found. I hope, I am found one day. I just want to say, I do think of you. I doubt you ever think of me though. But fck it ,they say “life goes on right”…well, I’m not bitter about it. If I was true to my own heart, I do miss you. Crazy right? Not sure anymore, if it is really love…but it sure is crazy.

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