• What’s your story?

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    What brings you here?

    Are you just expressing your stories or poetry that you fear would be rediculed by the public?

    Are you that person waiting on the one that got away to come back?

    Are you that man or woman who is married, but in love with another person?

    Are you a do gooder just here to give advice after reading other people’s posts?

    Are you that lonely husband or wife who feels unappreciated and unloved?

    Have you recently lost someone you love and are just here in an attempt to deal with your grief and loss?

    Did you wake up one day and realize that you have feelings for another person of the same sex and are too afraid to tell them?

    Are you in a tragic romance where you and your lover are parts of opposing religions or families? Or are you in different countries?

    We all come from different walks of life, and have our own story. While we may not agree with anoher’s choices, they are THEIR choices. Respect, acceptance, and forgiveness are beautiful things. If we all kept this in mind a little more, maybe we would all be more comfortable in our situations, and wouldn’t be running to anon sites.

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