• What The Rain Washes Away

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    Ok, so if the rain hits us we tend to run. We want to get out of the rain. Yet we love to go swimming or to take a bath. We bathe to clean ourselves of physical dirt. So maybe rain is cleaning us of the rest of the emotional dirt. Rain has always seemed calming. Washing away anxiety and fear. A sense of calming isolation. It wasn’t until recently that I had dirt to wash from me. Things I’ve said and things I’ve done. People I’ve loved and people I’ve feared. Before this the rain fell often. Steady drops. Now that I’ve become dirty the rain has become rare. So why? We run from rain but it cleans us. Sooths us. Their is much pain that should be washed away. Much of it has been. Goodbyes and past loves. Either remembered fondly or forgotten. So I stand in the rain again. I hear it hitting around me. Feeling my clothes become damp. But I don’t feel clean. Why? So many people run from the rain when it cleans them. Many don’t know that eventually it won’t. They have help to wash their lives but eventually it’s up to them. No matter how long I stand in the rain, I don’t feel clean. I just feel cold and damp. Something that once let me escape has become as much a trap as the world itself. How do I wash it away now? So will it just stay? I’ll never run from the rain. Rain has always seemed calming. Now amidst the puddles and cold air I just feel alone. A sense of paniced isolation. I miss the old rain. Rain that would wash me clean. The rain’s melody softening as it slows. I used to wonder why others ran from rain, but maybe they’re just like me. Maybe they’ve lost their ability to escape. And yet with so many running from the rain, we’re all still lonely.


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