• What I like about you

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    Dear Weirdo ( I know you hate it when I call you weird),

    Our little story ended so quickly that I never got a chance to answer your question -what do I Like about you. Well, here goes:

    1) I like how you looked around for a private spot so we could talk without strangers overhearing at our first meeting;

    2) I like how you were attentive and were so unaware of your surroundings in every meeting of ours;

    3) I like how you ask whatever you want to ask without holding yourself back;

    4) I like how you make me so comfortable I feel I can speak my mind without you ( even though I’m holding back I know I can if need be);

    5) I like how you deal with things maturely and agree to almost everything I say in the end ( even if you greatly disagree in the start);

    6) I like how you ask difficult questions that are uncomfortable but help us understand each other;

    7) I like how you smile;

    8) I like how you remember almost everything I say;

    9) I like how you get to know me;

    10)I like how you make an effort to impress me;

    11) I like your beard;

    12) I like how you are manly;

    13) I like how you trick me into believing made up things;

    14) I like your sense of humour;

    15) I like how you make me feel important and special in your life;

    16) I Like how graceful you are when we broke up ( ended things), not sure why you thanked me. I want to thank you for being so sweet. I wish you the best of this world because you deserve it!

    Take care of yourself and keep looking for her

    Crazy girl

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