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    I found out last night from you that when you said that you were my destiny on here that you were just caught up on the moment, but you really didn’t mean that. Who does that? I told my guy friend and he said you were a jerk. I’m beginning to believe him.

    I’m willing to be friends with you, but you lost interest as soon as you realized I wasn’t going to sleep with you and have your babies. Not to mention that there are other women who want to have your babies too. Yet you aren’t going to sleep with any of them even though you warned me that the option was there.

    I have morals. I’m not going to sleep with you or have your babies. I’m waiting until marriage to have sex and I want it to be with someone who truly cares about me. That’s not going to happen with you.

    I’m realizing now that I deserve someone who isn’t going to go and seek out a lot of different women. I deserve a man who wants to be with only one woman. I don’t think I can even be friends with you and I’m deleting our texts.

    I want so much more. I’m going to wait for the right guy, because I deserve to have the right guy…especially one with good values. I hope you find what you are looking for. You’ve got a lot to learn and a lot of growing up to do and 25 is such a young age. You will grow. Probably by your 30s you might even be ready to finally settle down.

    But you aren’t for me. I’m not for you. Plain and simple. I wish you the best, but I must move on.

    I am still hopeful that the guy I saw at the concert is still here, but we shall see. I haven’t had much luck with that either. I only want to be with one guy…not several or one who isn’t serious in starting a family.

    Best of luck to you,


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