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    I just want to hang and chill. Talk about what comes to mind. No pressures. To be honest one of the best things about us was we could just chill or walk the beach with no expectations. I know your done with me. You have been for awhile now. I do hope you are truly happy and with someone who thinks the world of you and loves you as though they do. A day with you would be on my bucket list. I still have trouble because of your decision to ghost me. I also understand why. Neither one of us are stupid. As a matter of fact we are both very smart. I want to go pan gold in Alaska for a week or two. Summer time of course. You would be the best panning partner. Not because you would know how to pan gold, but because I really use to enjoy just your company. I don’t hang on to hopes of reconciliation. It can happen I’m sure. Unintentionally. I would love to have you a part of my life. You made me happy. I am in awww of how God could put such depth and color in one person. When we were hanging out, I found myself loving learning about you. Yes we had intense chemistry and we let it take over most of the times we hung out, but there were times we just chilled. Those times were the best. My goal was to get you to 2nd gear on the bike. Love you still and always. The person your with is very blessed. If for some chance you would go panning gold with me, then the door you shut would have to be opened by you. I’m a gentleman that way. You wanted a door shut and I respected that. Still do. I will say that the door can be opened anytime. I still have the unfinished painting of a heart you started. I also have your paint brushes.

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