• The good things

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    I’ve been dwelling on the ending of us, but I want to talk about the good times, the reason why goodbye was the hardest. You made me happy and you gave me a feeling I can’t describe. before we met I was sad almost everyday, faking my happiness, people would catch on and I would still lie and say I was happy.
    The first time we talked, you immediately made a joke, I was flattered by it.
    I fell in love with you probably in a instant and I was scared about it. the more I focused on getting rid of my feelings for you, the more I kept falling. We were getting close very fast I think you might’ve been just as scared as me. me and you have very different lives so I knew that we wouldn’t be around each other for long. the thought of us not seeing each other again was devastating to me. that’s when I knew I cared for you. Which I tried my best to prevent. You are someone that will be in my heart forever . you were meant to be in my life and spark something in my heart again, I will always be grateful for that. now that our lives go on different paths again I wish you the best in life and I love you.

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