• Summer of 2013

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    August to be exact. You came to me in a dream in which you held my hand and stroked it asking for forgiveness. Of course, I forgave you, for I knew what and why you did what you had to do.

    I once again fell as a casualty of love. Not caring what and how badly I’ll be hurt in this process, I dived in head first, only to turn out looking far worst off than when I started,…. like a total ass.

    Good thing you did what you did at the time, for I was at the edge of just grabbing you and pulling your lips to mine. Sorry I had to get away from that potential lawsuit against me over nothing more than a kiss.

    In that vivid dream I felt alive, I felt your energy and your every emotion, even your great distress. That’s what fired me into action. Yes I specifically came for you. To save you. To tell you. I’m good, I understand and know the reason behind all that.

    Though then and now we could have never imagined that somehow someway the cruel superiority beings would bring this about for laughs.
    You have my word it has happened for a reason.

    Aquí no caviar pero hay maíz¡ Pa que queremos radio si aquí hay tambores oye¡

    Se. I know. I’ve once again have fallen victim.
    Don’t judge or fault me for fighting back against my oppressors.
    I felt happy for a split moment in time even if it was just a dream.

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