• My All and My Nothing Harry

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    I heard ‘Almost here’ by Delta Goodrem today.

    I remembered some years back subconsciously , minutes later I smiled. I smiled because when I thought back to the days that song meant something and today I can actually hearnit and laugh.

    Feeling a little silly writing this on an anon site but the idea that you will never come across it , means I can say anything and everything and I wont have to face you.

    I wish I could forget to remember, but I can’t.

    You are like a lookalike of someone I thought I knew. Nothing else . The reality is you wounded me so deep, for so long I had barely had the time to know you, really know you and vice versa. Because of your playing you ruined two young people who’d have been happy as friends rather than what you put me through. I dont think you will ever know the extent of it all, or how much impact you had on me as a person but somewhere along the way it was down to you that I became stronger too. – if it dont kill ya- and that..

    I have no intention of reconnecting or reconciling anything with you, and not because you don’t deserve it but because Im a better person to what you knew and a little wiser too.

    Once a player always a player, I thank the Lord I am not there still, waiting for you to come and play your charm cards after youd just been with another woman. I laugh hard and cry a little to all those years of agony n pain.

    On a final note , its liberating , its that feeling I get when I see you nowadays and smile in my heart so warmly.

    ——– Feeling of FREEDOM.

    The worst mistake I made in my life.
    Thank Lord its over.

    Jeeez, what was I thinking?!

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