• Dear “MM” it’s been almost 2 years…

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    And I’m still in love with you.
    I have seen pictures of you, through others that seem to want to show me from time to time. Rarely, not often. But it always makes my heart stop for a moment.
    In some way, I’m happy to see you happy, smiling, holding onto another.
    In another way, it breaks my heart to think of you, is, by the water, in our bed, in the car, in life, together.
    You used to tell me that if we ever broke up, you would never love someone like you loved me.
    I wonder if that’s true. For me? It hasn’t been.
    I have dated, like you. But, you are always there, in my mind, my great love, my real first love, that lasted a a little over a year, but will be with me a lifetime.
    I wonder if you still believe all the false things that you did when we ended.
    I wonder if you still use the silly names and things we used for emotions and how it made us so special.
    We still use them. Everyday, actually.
    I’ve been dominating in climbing the ladder in success with my career. I don’t think I ever would have, had we rained together. I was so immersed in you, in our path, in our love, I just put you and our family as my focus. I should have. It was the most important thing to me.
    But, when I lost that, I hustled, a lot, and amazed with the success I’ve had.
    Still, there isn’t a day that goes by, that I don’t think of you. From the first time we met, to the last moment we looked at each other, crying, and said we loved each other, before we walked away and never spoke again.
    I will always miss you, love you, wish there was another life to do us, again.
    But I also pray that that you are smiling and happy and remember the soft and sensitive person deep inside you that you let me see, but you hid from others with the dressy clothes and attractive face. Remember him. Because he’s amazing. I will always remember him, and see the stars, and how they guided us home.

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