• Confused

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    You always told me I wasn’t enough
    That I was fat, ugly, not quite right
    I was sad, what can I say?
    But I just wouldn’t let it show
    Cause then I knew you’d act upset
    And I’d apologize profusely
    You’d always tell me what to do
    Where I could and could not go
    When I was out of my house
    Having fun with my friends
    You’d always tell me to come back
    Because you said that there’d be trouble
    And why was a stupid enough to trust you?
    You made me seem inferior
    And not superior
    Like any girlfriend should
    And I believed you
    How could I be so stupid?
    When I just wanted to talk
    Not do the things you always want to do
    You just ignored me
    Said that it was fine
    Cause whatever
    Made me know that you’re really not okay
    But what could I do?
    Except for nod and just agree
    It was a vicious cycle
    I didn’t want to let you go
    Because when I didn’t say no
    You seemed to sweet
    You called me beautiful
    You said I’m funny
    So I never left
    I never could
    I thought about all the good times
    And I still do
    But then eventually
    I knew that it was wrong
    So I just said
    I’m done
    You yelled at me
    Said I’m a bitch
    A slut
    A liar
    But that’s finally when I knew
    That I was not the one for you

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