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    As you can imagine, I have been quite preoccupied. Being the man of the house in a way I have avoided for some time. Its been hard, but its important for me to stay strong. I appreciate your patience and support.

    My favorite color is blue. My least favorite food is brusselsprouts, which my mother often made when I was a child. Its hard to pick one moment that was my favorite childhood memory, but heres a few: when my mom brought our dog home for the first time on Valentine’s Day, any Christmas morning when I was young, the roadtrips we took. Really, so much of my younger childhood, when it was just me and my mom and dad, it was always happy memories as much as I can remember.

    I enjoy traveling quite a bit. It is, in fact, one of the things I enjoy most. When I was younger, I had the opportunity to take month-long trips in foreign countries, and each experience for me was profound. I remember thinking I would have many more opportunities, but as I advanced through life, I found that I never had time, or that the time I had I would rather spend with family. Consequently, I have not traveled much for many years. However, if I could go anywhere, I think I would like to spend alot of time in western Europe, particularly along the Mediterranean coast. I would like to spend time in England, and listen to the silly accents. I like to spend time exploring vineyards in France. I’ve been to Germany before, but I would love to visit Spain and maybe even run with the bulls. I would also like to see Italy and Greece, and all their ancient history. The other part of the world I would really like to visit is the islands of the South Pacific. (I know this comes later, but you can probably tell I enjoy the beach) Someday, if I had a lot of money, I would like to buy an island there and live there for part of the year in seclusion with my wife. That is assuming, by then that I would be married.

    I watch many television shows and many movies. I really enjoy Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia and my favorite movie is probably Any Given Sunday or maybe Inception. I am a big fan of Christopher Nolan and Quentin Tarantino. As such, I do watch alot of action movies, and especially alot of superhero movies lately, but I also enjoy comedies. As for books, I do not read as much now as I used to, but the writings of Ayn Rand once made a substantial impact on my life, and I also greatly enjoy the beautiful descriptions of nature found in many Hemingway books.

    The most influential person in my life is without a doubt my mother. She taught me so much, but I think most importantly she taught me how to treat other people with respect and dignity no matter what. There are many other things I could say about the impact she has had on my life, but I will leave those for another time.

    I do consider myself a rather introspective person, and I think about life alot, particularly mine own. What I have come to is that the point of life is to be happy and spend as much time as possible with your loved ones. I don’t think really anything else matters. Beyond that I try to adhere to the Golden Rule, as I was taught by my mother.

    What makes me smile? Family, friends, and thinking about you. Frowns come from the absence of those three.

    Now, I have some questions for you. You can take as long as you need to answer. Im not going anywhere.

    What were your favorite movies when you were a little girl?

    Who was your biggest celebrity crush growing up? (Bonus points if you had a poster in your room)

    What’s your favorite animal other than a dog?

    Approximately how many US states have you been to?

    What’s the best Christmas and best birthday presents you have ever received?
    To date, what has been the best day of your life. Tell me about it and why it was so special.

    With love,

    PS Its been a long time, but I’ll never forget how it would feel when you’d let me hold your hand. An absolute explosion rippling through my insides, every nerve and synapse screaming “this is the One, never let her go.” I would gladly take it again.

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