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    Hey old friend,

    I guess congratulations are in order. I was thinking about you today (it happens from time to time) and I wanted to see how you were. I know you have me blocked on Facebook and you have my number blocked so I looked up your girlfriend (creepy and stalkerish I know). I still don’t know why you blocked me other than that you two started dating and you were uncomfortable being my friend after that. You were totally fine with being my friend when Conor and I broke up and then you made it clear you wanted to be more than friends and I rejected you. Then it looked like I would get back together with him and you kinda vanished. When I finally saw what an ass Conor was and realized I missed you, you were already with her and didn’t need my friendship anymore. That really hurt.

    But anyway back to my point. I see that you got engaged about a year ago and I’m so happy for you. I would tell you this myself but like I said, you made any form of communication impossible so I must say it here. I’m sad that you didn’t reach out then and tell me. You know I would have been thrilled for you no matter how our friendship ended.

    I really miss your friendship by the way. A lot has changed over the past 4ish years and it would be nice to catch up. But if you would rather not, I understand. You know where to find me though I doubt you’ll ever see this. If you do then just know I’m so happy for you and I wish you both the best.


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