• What have I done

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    I am not a good writer but I need to out this out and say my piece because I have no one to text this to or email this to or call up and talk about it with. I have no friends. I mean I guess I do but I still feel alone. Really alone. I have three friends that are close friends and who I think truly care about me enough to call me a friend. One lives 3 hours away, one lives 6 hours away and the other is so popular that I rarely get to see her. She’s always got plans with others. I had friends. I used to have lots of friends. Now it feels like I have none. And I dont know why. What have I done to make those friends not want to talk to me. Not to invite me places. Not to acknowledge I’m still alive. What is it that I do that makes it so hard for me to meet new friends. Make new relationships. Find people who like me. I’m friendly. I know I’m friendly. I go out of my way to be kind and polite. Because I want people to like me. I am funny. People I meet laugh at my jokes and joke along with me. But then that’s it. Then its radio silence. Nothing. Why? Why can’t I create lasting relationships with like minded people. Why can’t people see me for who I am. A good person. Maybe I’m not all that. Maybe I’m not that nice or friendly or funny. But I still deserve love and friendship. I’m alone and sad and can’t do anything about it.
    Thank you.

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