• Scared

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    I get sacred at times thinking of the future

    Your path is filled with so much light

    I hope no one frustrates your path to your blessings for the future

    You are a man who works hard for what he has

    Focused in life, building your a stable secure future for you and your family

    I hope one day you end up the CEO or DIRECTOR of some company

    I wish for God to give you all the financial and personal increase and stability in life you so yearn and work so hard for

    I know people tend to come in our paths and try to bring us down and I do hope that no matter how much they try that they are frustrated at each and every turn

    I hope that when they think you are down that you rise like a phoenix from the ashes

    Its possible that we may go on different life paths

    And thats what scares me more

    Scared that with each and every possible moment that I will lose

    Lose the chance to love you

    Lose the chance to be with you

    Lose the chance to build a life with you

    Lose the chance in wanting to know the enigma that is you

    To love each and every bit of your soul and mind perfect and imperfect

    Every day is a fight for me a fight with the unknown

    A battle with these emotions

    And its a painful process

    A never ending one for me

    Because I know its not up to me

    But its up to you

    I can love you but if you dont love me there is nothing I can do

    But to act all crazy

    The only comfort I can take is in knowing that your dreams are coming true

    I love you Tony

    With all my being

    Always have and always will

    Rantings of a woman in love

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