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    Please don’t fret, I am very happy and not waiting.

    What is there for me to wait for? We never have been closer to each other than right now. Our hearts are so close they have become one, fused together, beating in tune with and for each other.

    What else is there for me to anticipate? Our minds fell in love the moment our eyes first met, this moment is seared into our memory, impossible to ever forget.

    Why would I need to wait longer? A long time ago, unbeknown to us, our souls merged into each other, and now are irreversibly, intricately entwined, not even a team of neurosurgeon could separate them.

    There isn’t any waiting for us any longer, because we have accepted and surrendered to our fate: Our love for each other is beyond our control.

    When you surrender and accept your fate, you have arrived, the wait is over.



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