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    Dude. I don’t even know what to say yaar. I love you, i honestly do. You’re a person who is special to me, a person i love talking to. You don’t seem to mind all the flaws i have and don’t mind if i have a conflicting opinion. You understand when I’m not in a mood and you seem genuinely interested in talking to me. You like talking to me or at least you make me feel that way. I don’t know what to say about you anymore. Even though we both have known each other kab se, the few moments we actually talk feel nice. We could not talk for an actual month and i wouldn’t hesitate to message you even itu sah. You talk to me about you, about whatever concerns you, which is something i could never appreciate less. Even though i overthink about everything, act weird, can be “mean” you don’t fucking mind. That’s exactly why i can say whatever i want na in front of you. Now this message isn’t supposed to be that sweet. If i wanted it to be sweet i would have reminded you of how you are different. You accept people for who they are and don’t ever want to change them because you disagree. Tu tu hai, iska matlab samjhane mai hi paragraph lag jayenge. You can actually fucking care about people and not be afraid of what people think. You can be yourself in front of people and not be insecure about whatever you have in your head. I don’t see a single flaw in you ( except the Mriganka picture that was disappointing). You can be in the worst of fucking moods and still be able recover just by trying itu sah, literally every time you say Maine tera mood uplift kiya all i did was distract you enough to snap you back. I would want to write so much more about you but yaar dekh, ab nahi likha jayega aur. You’re at the point now where you’re a feeling now not a thing you can describe. Yaar ab sacchi nahi describe hoti tu and trust me when i say this mai baki logo ko phir bhe bata saku unme accha kya hai. Tu acchi hai.

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