• The first time in months

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    I saw you the other day, for the first time in 6 months. I was headed to an exam early in the morning. I went to my class and thought nothing of it, not looking behind me as per usual. Today just happened to be the day where i stopped to take off m jacket and out on something else, It was a shawl. I looked to the entrance doors as i usually do, and there you were. I don’t think i’ve ever done a double take before. But this must have looked like something out of a movie. The second i realized it was you this intense feeling of fear and happiness. My body instantly started to shake, just like it did the first time i saw you after years back in high school. My heart sank down to the deepest its ever been and all i could do was look away to avoid lakes of tears. I refuse to let you know how badly you’ve broken me, not for the first or second time, but for the third grueling, painful, stupid, nagging time.I have never wanted to run after someone so badly and just throw myself at your feet. I watched you walk away from me feeling your eyes just move right through me, possibly for the last time ever. The second I was certain i was out of your sight my knees buckled and i nearly fell to the ground. At this point all i could do was cry, and cry and cry. My body shook throughout my whole exam and i couldn’t concentrate.
    But the worst part? i would give anything to relive those few seconds if it meant i was guaranteed to see your beautiful blue eyes again.
    I miss you so fucking much.

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