• Sad truth of my life

    by  • February 6, 2018 • * Safe for Work *, Disappointment • 1 Comment

    I’m so alone bored and sucked up with my life and this loneliness . Never had ever this thinking these thoughts but now it’s like so crucial to live with my self. No motivation has been left out, no person has been left out, struggling on my own never imagined that this is how my life going to be. I wish that I would have imagined it in a negative way. so depressed and I think it’s been six months since I’ve got my job, don’t know what to do when to go. With whom to go no passion, although a person came into my life I thought he will definitely create some changes I mean I can cheer myself up now just by thinking about him I mean us but unfortunately he is the worst guy I have ever meet he just wants some girls around him to feel proud that’s it and I have completely stop my self to think about him. It’s a another weekend and missing my family and friends. My boss didn’t allow me to go home because I’m out of my work less achievement you know. Every day I come to home after work used to cry cry and cry alot day by day my situation is getting worst I mean how long it’s going to be how long!!. God please help me now atleast just for now do something about me please help me no one loves me they all just want me to fulfill their lusts I mean how can I survive in this world with this situation. Missing Muma so much I was supposed to eat homemade food today but the irony is I’m starving thru out the day and no one is asking. My job is become a nightmare of my life although it was my first and my dream job. Why every first thing came to my life has always become a worst nightmare for my entire life. My first love my first dream job everything.. I’m afraid now!! Feeling so so so bad.

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    1. Fghhh
      February 6, 2018 at 4:04 pm

      I’d advise you to leave your job. No jobs worth it if its absolutely dratroying you.
      Look after yourself x

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